Mobile Apps Development
  • Akriti Softwares has extensive expertise in mobile application development. Our applications on all the major handheld and smartphone platforms help our clients achieve a faster time to market with an affordable cost.
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Hire Dedicated Programmer
  • Our Programmer and developer follows a thoroughly professional approach that meet for the software web development.
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Pricing Models

Fixed pricing is where a client and consultant mutually agree upon a flat fee to complete a project. The positive thing about a fixed price contract is that a client knows the price in advance and it puts pressure on the vendor to be efficient.
In fixed price projects, developers on the project need to make the actual estimates. This usually means that it takes more time to reach a detailed specification and risk analysis needed to determine a price.

Contracts bases model :

Akriti Softwares extends Contract basis manpower to Offshore Development Centre (ODC) for your organization. Customer can hire 1 person to 10 persons simultaneously as per the requirements ranging from 3 months to 1 year. We offer very attractive rates for longer period of Contract. We provide various levels of skill set ranging from Microsoft .NET, Java, Embedded / Mobile technology, LAMP. Resources are from 2 years to 10+ years of experience in Software Development in cutting edge technology.

Offshore Development Center (ODC) Model :

Akriti Softwares has a state-of-the-art development center in India, which enables its clients to leverage the technical expertise of India and the business agility of the different nations. We offshore development model can significantly reduce the development costs by drawing on the extensive resources at our facilities in India. Along with our project managers in the U. S., Akriti Softwares is able to effectively manage a credible and reliable pool of knowledge and expertise. This provides the added benefit to our clients that the project is being executed by a known source with proven skills in the areas required to move development forward.

ODC - Transfer model (Onsite Consulting) :

Along with the Offshore Development Center Model, Akriti Softwares offers its clients the flexibility of assigning dedicated resource(s) to the client, if required and proposed. On proposal and equally affordable terms, concerned resource(s) can be transferred to the client site for a specified project's duration.

For any further information about our relationship models, please contact us.


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