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  • Akriti Softwares has extensive expertise in mobile application development. Our applications on all the major handheld and smartphone platforms help our clients achieve a faster time to market with an affordable cost.
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  • Our Programmer and developer follows a thoroughly professional approach that meet for the software web development.
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Akriti Softwares clients are served by an exceptional, in-house team of professional developers with deep expertise and proven success in full life-cycle software development projects. A key aspect that drives our success in addition to our efficient process is the methodology we use daily. Read more about how our methodology is divided into five effective categories for success.

Architecture/ Define :

At this phase we will create Akriti Softwares - Prototype of the project, elaborate the Functional Specification (FS) and give an exact estimate of the project cost and time.
Before you try to design and create your custom software application, you really need to define the basic nature of your project. It makes no sense to rush out designing the perfect solution before you've even defined the problem. Otherwise, how do you know we've even satisfied your requirements? Just as importantly, how would you measure the success of the project? You can't. So we make our first objective defining exactly what it is you need to do, and setting up a plan to accomplish it. Specifically, we focus on the following activities during this stage.

Communication :

The key to successful execution of an off-shore project is direct and regular communication between client and ourselves. We provide weekly status reports and weekly time-sheets and daily work logs. Communication is carried out using various means including email, instant messenger, web conferencing, etc.

Development Process :

Follows a complete Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) process with distinct phases. Our employs full control of procedures at every phase to mitigate project risks and ensure efficient performance and high quality project implementation.

Measurement and Analysis :

On a regular basis our qualified personnel plan and implement all processes and actions necessary for measurement, analysis and improvement. Constant improvement covers activities standard implementation requirements, QMS processes execution, product development by measuring and analyzing customer satisfaction, and service and product development characteristics and their compliance with the client's requirements and internal guidelines.

Quality Monitoring :

At Akriti Softwares we have a dedicated quality department responsible for Quality Assurance at every project from its start up to delivery. Depending on a project size we allocate a testing team and define a time frame for its work. This allows optimizing resources involvement and thus project costs. We use defect tracking systems like IBM Rational Clear Quest for professional problems tracking QA experts work independently from development team yet in close cooperation with it.



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